The Top Preparations Before Using Your Grandfalls Pressure Washer

The Top Preparations Before Using Your Grandfalls Pressure Washer

The Grandfalls pressure washer is one of the most powerful pressure cleaning equipment. There is no stain or dirt that it cannot remove. Furthermore, you can notice the difference between a pressure-washed surface and a hand-cleaned surface. But, before you begin using that machine, there are some necessary preparations that you should make. Below are the top preparations.

1. Check the Grandfalls pressure washer oil level

Before you commence cleaning, always confirm whether your machine has enough oil or not. If you need to refill, make sure you do not overfill. Overfilling the engine can lead to damage. Also, it may encourage air overflow, which is also damaging.

2. Close your windows

If you plan to pressure wash your exterior walls, close the windows. Closing the windows will prevent water from getting into your house. The high pressure can be damaging to objects if you leave it open. If you are washing your car, close all the windows first.

3. Turn off electricity on wall outlets

Before you begin your cleaning process, ensure that you turn off any electrical outlet. Also, make sure that electrical fixtures are not nearby. The high pressure from your Grandfalls pressure washer is not compatible with electricity or exposed electrical fixtures. After turning off the electricity, take the tape and cover the outlets and fixtures.

4. Make sure you have the correct Grandfalls pressure washer accessories

It never hurts to be prepared before you begin pressure washing. Thus, always make sure you have the necessary attachments and accessories. For example, if you plan to use detergents, make sure you have the right type of detergent ready. Also, confirm with your supplier about the best attachments for your cleaning requirements.

5. Remove any unnecessary objects before you use your Grandfalls pressure washer

It is normal to have furniture on your patio. But remember, you cannot pressure wash all types of furniture. Therefore, before you begin the pressure washing process, remove all types of unnecessary furniture. Also, make sure to remove any plants where applicable.

6. Choose a well-balanced standing position

Before you start pressure washing, make sure to plant your feet firmly on the ground. The high pressure of the machine can make you slip very easily. Thus, always make sure to have a well-balanced position first.

7. Turn on the water supply before you power on the machine

One of the primary steps you should take to prepare your machine for work is to turn on the water supply. The step will ensure that the pump has enough water before beginning the cleaning process. If you avoid this step, then there is a high chance that you can damage your pump. Furthermore, taking care of your pump is part of the machine maintenance process.

8. Pressure wash on a mild spring day

If you plan to pressure wash, choosing the right day can ensure an optimal result. You can always opt for a  spring day as the best.


Before you use the Grandfalls pressure washer, you should always make the necessary preparations. For instance, closing your car doors can prevent water from getting in. The above are only a few of the necessary preparations that you should undertake.