Best Power Washers from Giraffe Tools

Best Power Washers from Giraffe Tools

A pressure washer is a handy tool if you want to remove stains from the driveway or car. But, the idea is to get a pressure washer that is effective and does the work like magic.

There are plenty of power washers available out there. Some of them are good with pressure ratings. Some have a good design. And some have extra features like extra nozzles. etc. These types of different features make it very hard to select the right pressure washer.

To help you with the search, we have compiled a guide that contains the best pressure washer from Giraffe Tools. Let's talk about these washers and see whether they are up to standard or not.

Best Power Washers from Giraffe Tools

Giraffe tools is changing the game of pressure washing with the equipment it is providing. A variety of washers from Giraffe tools are available that help in cleaning the stubborn stains. Here is what this company has to offer to its users

Grandfalls Pressure Washer

Grandfalls Pressure Washer is the first washing gear from Giraffe Tools. The washer comes with a 2200 PSI pressure rating and 2.1 GPM water flow rate, making it perfect for removing sticky lumps from cars or driveways.

The washer has a telescopic handle gun which allows the users to adjust it according to their height. Plus, it comes with 4 different nozzle adjustments. Interchangeable nozzles can be used to attain different pressure settings. Grandfalls pressure gear has an ergonomic design, enabling users to hold the gun seamlessly while they wash their car, furniture, or even driveway.

Grandfalls Pressure Washer Pro

Grandfalls Pressure Washer Pro is an updated version of its predecessor. The pro version comes with a PSI rating of 2700, and a 1.3 GPM flow rate. The best part of Grandfalls Pro is that it has an interchangeable hose. If you want a lengthier hose, you can attach that with this system. The rest of the features as the same as Grandfalls original version.

Electric Pressure Washer

Another product that is worth looking at is an electric washer from Giraffe Tools. The electric washer has a 1800W motor that generates a 2175 PSI pressure rating. This pressure makes it perfect to wash driveways, furniture, and tile floors.

The washer is equipped with 4 nozzles that can be interchangeable. The best part about the electric washer is that it has an emergency stop system. That feature will extend the life of the water pump and will save you from electric shocks.

Portable Electric Pressure Washer

There is another electric pressure washer from Giraffe Tools and that is portable. That features makes it perfect if you want a perfect go-to solution. The portable washer has 3 different nozzle modes and they all can be used simultaneously. The washer has a 1600 PSI rating and a 1.7GPM water flow rate. It is acceptable, compared to the overall size of the washing gear. Lastly, the washer has a water filter that allows a clean water delivery system.